Kim will perform in the PXG showcase; Aired on Golf Channel Wednesday


DURHAM – Duke Women’s Golf fans are encouraged to tune into the Golf Channel on Wednesday, December 15 at 7 p.m. as a Senior Blue Devil Gina Kim will participate in the PXG College Golf Showcase at Scottsdale National in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The College Golf Showcase will feature six of the best college golfers, four men and two women, as well as two celebrities in an exhibition shootout, including actor / comedian Rob Riggle and professional Football Hall of Fame member Jerome Bettis at the service of team captains. During the 18-hole competition, the broadcast will also help raise awareness and raise vital funds for the Semper Fi & America’s Fund and the Mount Sinai Hospital’s Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research.

Participants will be split into two teams of four, Team Semper Fi and Team Mount Sinai, each of which will consist of two male college golfers, one college golfer and their famous team captain. The teams will face off in a scrambled skin shootout over the first nine holes and a true alternate shooting format for the final nine holes. The $ 1,000,000 purse will be distributed over the 18 holes made up of the last nine Mineshaft and Other Courses at Scottsdale National. The group will play in figure eight with caddies.

The 2021 PXG College Golf Showcase in Scottsdale National will feature Kim and Brooke Matthews of Arkansas as college golfers and Logan McAllister (Oklahoma), Eugenio Chacarra (Oklahoma State), RJ Manke (Washington) and Noah Goodwin (Southern Methodist ) as male college golfers.

Duke Women’s Head Coach of Golf and Seven-Time NCAA Champion Dan Brooks will serve as Kim’s caddy for the event. Each player will have their program coach as a caddy during the event.

The broadcast team for the made-for-television event includes Lauren Thompson, Arron Oberholser, Travis Fulton and Will Haskett.

Kim, a product from Durham, NC, got his LPGA 2022 Tour card last weekend, after completing two-week qualifying for the LPGA Q Series. She will decide whether she should turn pro before the 2022 spring college slate or postpone until after the NCAA Championship in May.

GOLF Channel is the television channel for college golf. Following its announcement in 2013 as the exclusive television provider of the NCAA Golf Championships, GOLF Channel has provided live coverage of the NCAA Men’s Championships since 2014 and the NCAA Women’s Championships since 2015, which are now hosted in the same location for consecutive weeks. The College Golf Showcase can be found on Twitter and Instagram @cgolfshowcase.



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