Citayam Fashion Week: Social agency ‘ready’ to bring trans women and transvestite men together


Now that the dust has all but settled on the branding and offshoring controversy, the youngsters at Citayam Fashion Week find themselves facing another hurdle: the morality police.

The Central Jakarta Social Agency yesterday announced a plan to bring together trans women, as well as men who typically behave girlishly, at the fashion gathering. The agency’s statement came after Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria derided “teenagers proudly dress in women’s clothing” when he described forms of disorderly conduct during Citayam Fashion Week.

“We are ready to discipline all war (trans women) in Dukuh Atas,” Abdul Salam, Director of Central Jakarta Social Agency Told reporters yesterday, referring to the location of Citayam Fashion Week.

Waria is a portmanteau for Indonesian words wanita (woman) and prayed (Male). Although the term actually refers to trans women, it is unclear whether the official used it in a strictly literal sense or in a colloquial sense. For the latter, men who behave effeminate or wear feminine clothes have also been described as waria among the unwashed masses.

Nonetheless, according to Abdul, officials have categorized trans women as people with social protection issues (PMKS).

“They will be admitted to a social house for rehabilitation,” he said.

The agency ordered the deployment of officers from the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) to monitor Citayam’s fashion week and round up what they consider to be deviant behavior and “LGBTQ+” propaganda.

To quote Coconut‘ resident fashionista, don’t they know that “trans women, gay men and queers basically do fashion”?

Citayam Fashion Week is a catch-all phrase (and does not necessarily refer to any particular week) for the highly fashionable gathering of young people at Dukuh Atas on Jalan Sudirman, the capital’s main shopping thoroughfare. The movement is dominated by young people riding the train from the outskirts of Jakarta, notably from the humble Citayam district of Bogor Regency, who are fashioning walkways out of crosswalks and flaunting their best #OOTD week after week during the last month.

As the subculture movement grows, concerns about law and order at the site also increase. Some offenses that have been widely reported include minors smoking, littering and sleeping rough.


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