Best everyday rings under £100: From Monica Vinader to Astrid & Miyu


Whether it’s a dependable pair of gold hoop earrings, an everyday necklace, or a statement ring, the right jewelry has the power to instantly elevate your look.

For this edition, we are interested in the latter. With so much talk about the “perfect” engagement ring, everyday rings often get overlooked. But these are an integral part of your trinket box, not just because rings are the only piece of jewelry you can admire on your own without having to look at yourself in the mirror.

From stackable styles and pretty enamel designs to bold signet rings or more delicate bands, there’s endless choice when it comes to dressing up your hands.

Whether you go for silver or gold, simple rings lend themselves to being mixed and matched for a bold stacked look, or choose a design to wear alone.

Of course, choosing the perfect everyday ring is a matter of personal choice – but if you lean towards trends, resin rings are on the agenda for the second year in a row, while a stacked look everything in gold always looks sartorial. indicate. Or give your jewelry box a dose of dopamine with colorful gemstone designs and brightly colored enamel pieces.

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How we tested

From bold, chunky rings to delicate, understated styles, we’ve found something for every wearer – with comfort, wearability, quality and value in mind. After wearing these rings almost daily for over two months, we evaluated how long they retained their shine.

We’ve kept all options in our edition under the £100 mark and sought out affordable rings that don’t skimp on quality (i.e. don’t turn our fingers green). These are the best rings that deserve a place in your jewelry box.

The best rings under £100 for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Missoma fusion engravable signet ring: £75,
  • The best braided ring – Ysso la Séléné gold ring: £80,
  • Best Gemstone Ring – Monica Vinader deia gemstone ring, sterling silver: £75,
  • Best Celestial Ring – Celestial Rin Astrid & Miyu, silver: £65,
  • Ideal for stacking – Mejuri stacking ring: £58,
  • Best Statement Ring – Yaa Yaa London luxury aqua green crystal pinky ring: £45,
  • Best Floral Enamel Ring – Seol+Gold Enamel Flower Band: £57,
  • Best Original Ring – Anna + Nina smiley signet ring: £85,
  • Best Signet – Orelia woven signet ring: £25,
  • Best Resin Ring – Accessorise Eye Candy Resin Ring Multipack: £7,

Missoma Molten Engravable Signet Ring

Better: Globally

Evaluation: 9/10

From Kendall Jenner to Kate Middleton, Missoma has won a loyal following with its mix of well-designed, timeless and on-trend jewelry. The good news is that it is also very affordable and the pieces tend to last for years before losing their shine. Whether stacked for a bold look or worn individually for a dose of gold, a signet ring is a versatile choice.

Missoma’s Fade Band has a shiny 18k gold finish and there’s a choice of eight sizes available to ensure you find the perfect fit. But best of all, you can choose to burn it for free. Whether you put your initials, someone else’s full name, or an important date, you have 24 characters to work with.

Ysso the Selene gold ring

Better: braided ring

Evaluation: 9/10

This delicate piece from Ysso is the perfect stacking ring with its fine braided design. Plus, the band is easily adjustable, meaning there’s no risk of you buying the wrong size. Crafted from up to 35% recyclable and natural bronze plated with 18 and 24 karat gold, the piece is handcrafted in Greece with the aim of reviving the traditional local craft of jewelry making. The brand’s braided ring has a rich gold finish that makes it a timeless investment piece for years to come.

Monica Vinader deia gemstone ring, sterling silver

Better: gemstone ring

Evaluation: 9/10

Through her timeless, durable and affordable jewelry collections, Monica Vinader has developed a loyal and cult following. We were immediately smitten by the contrasting effect of the sterling silver and turquoise and sea-green hued gemstone of the brand’s Deia ring. The simple design catches the light beautifully with the gemstone centerpiece. Available in a choice of eight sizes, the bracelet is made from recycled gold and silver following Monica Vinader’s switch to 100% recycled materials and recycled packaging in 2020.

Astrid & Miyu rope dome ring, silver

Better: rope ring

Evaluation: 8/10

Pocket jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu don’t skimp on the quality of their on-trend pieces and we love this stacking essential. Amazingly lightweight, the 18k gold plated sterling silver bracelet features a 5mm thickness with the domed rope effect adding texture to the chunky design. While assertive enough to wear on its own, the simple design is perfect for stacking for a layered gold look.

Mejuri stacking ring

Better: To stack

Evaluation: 9/10

Just like a solid pair of gold hoop earrings, every jewelry box needs a minimalist gold ring – and this one from Mejuri ticks all the right boxes. Handcrafted in silver vermeil to ensure a longer life, the thick layer of 18k gold over sterling silver has been polished to a striking shine, while it’s available in seven sizes. The simple wide band design means you’ll have no problem matching and stacking it with other gold or silver coins.

Yaa Yaa London Luxury Aqua Green Crystal Pink Ring

Better: statement ring

Evaluation: 9/10

We were immediately taken with the gemstone design of Yaa Yaa London. The thin gold band contrasts with the large, bold gemstone that perfectly catches the light with its turquoise and aqua green sparkle. The piece is handcrafted which means no two rings are the same and we loved the uneven cut of the gemstone. It’s also easily adjustable, meaning you can change which finger you choose to wear it on. So whether you like to inject color into a gold stacked look or choose to wear it alone as a statement band, it’s sure to become one of your staple rings. It is popular though, so we hope to see more stock soon.

Seol + Gold Enamel Flower Band

Better: Floral enamel ring

Evaluation: 9/10

If you’re looking for something a little different or can’t decide between gold and silver, an enamel ring is the way to go. This one from the high jewelry brand Seol and Gold features a pretty floral pattern on a white background. The colored ring provides a contrasting look when stacked with bands of gold or silver, while the signet ring’s 18k gold vermeil plating is not visible, meaning you won’t You won’t have to stop wearing it when the gold fades, which only adds to its investment value. The delicately designed ring is available in seven sizes and comes in a lovely branded cotton gift bag.

Anna + Nina smiley signet ring

Better: original ring

Evaluation: 9/10

Much like their homewares and apparel, Anna + Nina’s fine jewelry is perfect if you’re looking for something a little offbeat. This gold signet ring features a playful smiley face design in a love heart shaped case, with three clips connecting it to the thin band. Although on the more expensive end of the spectrum, after two months of almost daily wear, Anna + Nina’s ring was one of the best at retaining its shine and quickly became one of the rings in our collection. jewelry that we reach the most.

Orelia braided signet ring

Better: signet ring

Evaluation: 8/10

Costing just £12.50, Orelia’s woven signet ring is ideal for tapping into the budget signet ring trend. The bold piece is lightweight and perfect for stacking with the woven effect band adding texture to the chunky design. Due to its price, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this is one of the first rings to fade after continued use, but if you’re looking for a fashionable ring to last you through of a season, you will get your money’s worth. -by wear.

Accessorize 90s flashback skinny resin ring set

Better: Resin rings

Evaluation: 7/10

For two consecutive summers, resin rings have established themselves as one of the key trends of the season. This six-pack is a steal at £10 with the three candy-colored resin rings and three gold stripes perfect for creating a contrasting layered look. Turquoise, lilac and peach colors add a bit of vibrancy to your everyday jewelry collection while gold hoops are simple stacking pieces. Unlike gold rings, there is no risk that resin rings will wear out over time. These are currently out of stock but you can sign up with your email address to be notified when they are back.


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